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Beaulieu-Lunar Landing

About Beaulieu
Beaulieu Australia began operations as Sterling Carpet Mills in Queensland in 1973. In 1995, a leading U.S. manufacturer, Beaulieu of America,realised the need for a manufacturing presence in Australasia,purchasing the business of Sterling.To further cement its place as a leading manufacturer in Australia,Beaulieu purchased the business of Vogue Carpet Mills in 2000, a similar sized business also based in Queensland. The operations of both businesses were merged into the one site at Rocklea.

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Product Description

FIBRE TYPE Nylon 100% Resistain® Solution Dyed Nylon
WARRANTY 15 Year Warranty
RATING Contract Extra Heavy Duty,4 Star Rating,Including Stairs
TOTAL PILE WEIGHT 22oz/yd2 | 746g/m2(+/- 5%)
PILE HEIGHT 2-5 mm (+/- 5%)
PATTERN REPEAT 30mm W x 90mm L
A.C.C.S NUMBER: 17092


Colours, Patterns and Textures

Selecting the colour and pattern of your carpet is where the fun really begins. The first rule of thumb is don’t limit your choice by looking for neutrality or a match with wall tonings. Let your floor be an integral part of the décor. Here are some tips to help you choose with confidence.


  • Deep and rich colours warm up and close in a room
  • Cool crisp colours give a feeling of freshness and space
  • Subdued colours or earth tones will create a quiet mood
  • Light colour carpets will open up a dark room

Patterns and Textures

  • Large areas of strong and complex pattern can close in a room; conversely, a ‘solid’ unbroken colour will give the appearance of stretching the dimensions of a room.
  • Textured carpets have very good appearance retention qualities. They disguise the change of appearance associated with normal use and can mask small marks.

Decorating with Carpet

  • Importance of Light – Light can affect colour significantly. Larger samples will show how colour works in different lights.