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Sir William


Chatsworth is a beautiful chunky loop pile heather blend carpet in natural earthy tone shades.

Product Description

Brand Hycraft
Carpet Style Level Loop Pile
Fibre Type Wool Carpet
Yarn Wool
Gauge 10.5/10cm (3/8th Gauge)
Roll Width 3.66m
Thickness 12.5 (+/- 1.0mm)mm
Pattern Repeat Not Applicable
Colors 5
Country of Manufacture Australia




15 Year Hycraft Limited Residential Guarantee*


Product images on the website will vary in color due to many factors such as monitor type, scan quality, lighting arrangements etc. Images do not seek to duplicate the exact visual appearance, but serve merely as a guide or point of reference. Actual carpet samples should be inspected at your nearest retailer to confirm texture and color before making a purchase decision.

Natural Fibre

The natural beauty of wool stems from the inherent complexity of the fibre itself, evolved to protect sheep, no matter the conditions! That’s why we still wear wool, sleep with wool, insulate with wool and enjoy walking on wool.

Red List Free

You might have heard of ‘material health’, a term used to describe how healthy or harmful a building product is for you and the overall environment. When it comes to material health, it’s what’s on the inside that matters most. Leading the way in healthy and environmentally conscious flooring, our triexta and wool carpets are the first residential carpets in Australia to be officially certified Declare™ Red List Free.