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EC Carpet-SDN Sensations

Features & Benefits

  • 100% Solution Dyed Nylon
  • Contains up to 20% recycled content
  • Repels both water and oil-based spills


  • Textured Tufted Loop Pile Carpet

Traffic Class

  • Residential: Extra Heavy Duty
  • Commercial: Extra Heavy Duty


  • 15 Year Commercial*
  • 15 Year Colourfast*
  • Lifetime Anti-Static

*Conditions apply

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Product Description

Description Textured Tufted Loop Pile
Pile Content 100% BCF Solution Dyed Nylon
Gauge 1/10th
Total Pile Weight 950g/m² (28oz/yd²
Pile Height High 5.0mm ± 1mm
Low 3.5mm ± 1mm
Width 366cm
Primary Backing Woven polypropylene
Secondary Backing Blue Stripe Synthetic backing
Fire Rating CHF Mean Result 4.8 kw/m²
Smoke Value 43% min
Traffic Class Extra Heavy Duty Residential
Extra Heavy Duty Commercial
ACCS Classification including Stairs Medium Duty Contract (2*)
Variation Specifications subject to ± 5% variation
Dye Batch Variation Colour variation may occur from batch to batch
*conditions apply
15 year Commercial*
15 year Colourfast*
Lifetime Anti-static*
Pattern Repeat Not applicable
Environmental Quality Assured to ISO 9001 &
Environmental Management System



Outstandingly hard-wearing, Sensations is the ultimate cross-over product, designed to suit the most demanding of residential and commercial applications.

Healthcare impervious backing available.

Take up the option of an ecare impervious-backing treatment and Sensations also becomes an ideal choice for healthcare applications, or any other where subfloor moisture penetration must be prevented.

Multi-residential fire retardance.

The fire-retardant and smoke-reducing properties of Sensations meet the strict requirements for all forms of multi-residential developments.

Style for modern living.

Sensations’ outstanding durability hasn’t come at the expense of contemporary style. It retains a carefully crafted modern colour palette designed to complement a wide range of interior themes.

Virtually cares for itself.

Having undergone a powerful anti-stain treatment that repels both water and oil-based spills, Sensations provides the ease of maintenance so vital in multi-residential and commercial applications.

Even hides soiling.

If and when soiling does occur, Sensations’ robust texture and rich colours combine to ensure it remains well-hidden and does not impact the carpet’s aesthetic appeal.