Choosing the Right Carpet for Functionality and Comfort

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Choosing the Right Carpet for Functionality and Comfort

Carpeting is an important consideration when building or renovating a home as it contributes to the tone, character and overall feel of a space. It is important to consider your particular lifestyle when choosing carpeting types for optimal functionality as well as comfort. Carpet suppliers in Sydney provide a wide range of installations to choose from to suit all types of differing demands.

Carpets For Active And Family Lifestyles

When choosing a carpet for your space, a key aspect of your decision should be the type of lifestyle that you live. A very active and outdoor lifestyle can lead to bringing dirt, mud or beach sand into the home, which can make cleaning certain carpets difficult. Also, people with children and pets are likely to have food, pet hair and a number of other possible substances spilled around the house. In this case, nylon based carpets would be the best option as they are functionally durable and easy to clean. Nylon fibres are strong and can withstand abrasion as well as steam cleaning. These carpets are resilient while retaining their texture to maintain their appearance, even with frequent washing.

Luxurious and Statement Carpets

Carpeting can be used to help create a particular character and ambience in a room, especially when choosing certain colours and styles. Cut plush pile carpets create a velvety look and soft feel, making them ideal for elegant and luxurious settings such as the bedroom. These carpets bring warmth to a space in the cold winter months and offer a comforting underfoot feel. Cable carpets made of thick strands of yarn can be woven into stunning patterns using different colours. This carpet type would be ideal for a statement piece in a room to bring in pops of colour or patterns to create artistic interest.


In the summer months of Australia, Sydney can be subject to extremely warm temperatures. This may deter households from investing in carpets for fear of too much insulation in the home, trapping in heat. Carpets made of natural fibres such as wool or cotton will not absorb too much heat and are breathable. This makes for a beautifully light and cool feeling underfoot!

Whether you are looking for a carpet to compliment your active and family lifestyle or want to impress guests with beautiful luxurious or statement pieces, contact Carpet Paradise, one of the trusted carpet suppliers in Sydney.