Durability And Expense Needs For A Commercial Carpet in Sydney

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Durability And Expense Needs For A Commercial Carpet in Sydney

Are you looking for a durable commercial carpet in Sydney?

Most commercial carpet consists of either nylon, olefin or polypropylene. These synthetic fibred carpets are made up in loop, cut pile or carpet tile styles that provide a durable and cost-effective way to decorate an office or other commercial space.

Before selecting a commercial carpet for your space, it is important to evaluate your needs and space parameters, especially taking into account durability and cost-effective factors.


If durability is your top priority, a nylon carpet is your best option. Nylon carpets are constructed of short loops that allow them to resist fading, wear and stains. Most good quality nylon carpets are treated to resist stains and are very soft to the touch and underfoot. Who says your commercial space can’t be comfortable?

Olefin and polypropylene are not as durable but more stain-resistant as they are fully waterproof.

Carpet tiles are the easiest carpet to install and replace as they are small squares of carpet that are put in individually. They can be installed seamlessly side by side for a very smooth and beautiful carpet finish.


It is important to consider your budget when choosing a carpet for your office or commercial space as prices vary notably. Unlike hard flooring, carpets will eventually show wear and tear and will need to be replaced. It may be helpful to decide how long you would like your carpet to last as this will influence the price point and style of the carpet. If you want to save money and spend less on carpeting, your commercial carpet may need to be replaced sooner.

However, if you opt for a more expensive but better quality carpet, it may not need to be replaced for a longer amount of time.

Olefin and propylene carpets tend to be cheaper and can withstand a moderate amount of foot traffic before they show noticeable wear. Nylon is a more expensive carpet type but is more durable and can withstand a large amount of foot traffic. Nylon may work out to be the cheaper option in the long run if you need a carpet to last for an extended amount of time without needing to be replaced.

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