Flooring Options: Making Your House Feel Like A Home

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Flooring Options: Making Your House Feel Like A Home

What makes your house a home? While there are many elements that could contribute to a homely environment, there’s one that stands above – or under – the rest: flooring. Beautiful and functional flooring sets the tone for your home, and what better way to choose your style than by browsing the different varieties that suit your needs.

Making big interior design decisions or changes to your home, such as flooring, can become a bit of a challenge. However, as carpet suppliers in Sydney, we’re here to help you choose the right flooring that will set the desired tone for your home and match your style preferences.

Carpet: Warmth And Comfortability

If you’re the type of person that enjoys bringing the feeling of warmth and comfortability into your home, carpets are the ideal choice. With a range of different types of textures, fibres, and colours, you’re sure to find the right fit for the various spaces in your home ‒ from bedrooms to the living room. Feel free to visit our showroom as we carry samples, so you can use your senses as judgement to decide your next move.

Laminate: Smooth And Clean

To the people who enjoy dancing in the kitchen or living room with their white socks on, this one is for you. Laminated floors are the future! This outstanding method gives your floor a smooth and clean finish, mimicking the look of wood floors at half the cost. What a bargain! We highly recommend waterproof hybrid laminate flooring in Sydney due to its easy installation method, durability and cost-effective maintenance. So ladies, wear those heels, as this flooring solution is scratch-proof, stain-resistant and resists any wear and tear that comes it’s way.

Timber: Natural Beauty

Bringing a natural finish to your living space is a big step in the right direction with engineered timber flooring. Timber planks are climbing the ranks of becoming the most popular flooring choice for homes (and businesses) and we can see why. Each plank has its unique pattern that gives you the impression of natural fresh wooden floors. These engineered timber planks are incredibly stable and designed so that the flooring is not prone to cracking and warping. Easy cleaning, stain-resistant and dust-free are just some of the benefits of getting timber installed in your home. Already that is a high point for any homeowner.

If you are struggling to decide what flooring option is best for your home, please get in touch with your go-to Sydney carpet suppliers: Carpet Paradise. Browse our carpet, laminate and timber flooring options and request a free quote today.