Three Trending Carpet Types Of 2021 At Carpet Shops In Sydney

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Three Trending Carpet Types Of 2021 At Carpet Shops In Sydney

Many people don’t realise several carpet types to choose from – 2021 has brought forward many new carpet trends that can give your home a new look. Here are three trends that the carpet shops in Sydney have to offer this year.

1- Carpet Tiles- Easy To Install And Affordable 

Some people find carpets large, heavy and difficult to use. They are also notorious for being hard to clean and hard to replace. A significant advantage of carpet tile is that it is easy to replace, easy to keep clean, and works great for people with pets. For instance, if one spot gets damaged, you only need to replace the damaged tile, not the whole floor.

Carpet tiles are perfect for basements, as there are many waterproof options. These tiles are easy to install yourself, as you can cut them without any specific tooling needed. They come in many colours and patterns, which can be mixed and matched according to your needs.

2- Carpet Planks – The Latest Innovation In The Carpet Industry

Carpet planks are similar to carpet tiles- the only difference is the shape of the plank. They have a soft surface, identical to the tiles, so no need to worry about hard flooring.

Carpet planks are easy to install by yourself, as you need to space them out appropriately and stick them to the floor. In addition, they are stain and water-resistant, making them better than wooden floors, as water damage can be costly to fix.

3- Area Rugs- Small, Statement Rugs Are The New Way To Go

If you are a lover of bold, patterned carpets, area rugs are the perfect solution. However, bold colours can quickly look overwhelming when installed wall-to-wall. Let’s explore the different types of area rugs that are trending in 2021:

Handmade Area Rug

Crafted handmade rugs are the hottest rug trend in 2021. Handmade rugs are personal and made according to your specific needs. These rugs are creative, artistic and individualistic, making them perfect for homeowners with a passion for interior design.

Vintage Rugs

Previously we identified vintage rugs as those old, timeless rugs that you can buy at second-hand stores; now, you can get a new rug designed and made to look worn. These new style vintage rugs are all inspired by the classic Turkish and Persian designs- they have a vintage effect by making the colours and patterns look faded or aged.

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