Trends You Can Expect To See From Carpet Suppliers In Sydney This Year

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Trends You Can Expect To See From Carpet Suppliers In Sydney This Year

The year 2021 is an exciting one for flooring trends, with more people staying home and wanting to spruce up their surroundings. Also, with summer coming to an end and temperatures slowly dropping, carpets are gaining popularity for the cosiness they bring to a room. You can be sure that carpet suppliers in Sydney will be well-stocked with the latest in these new innovative carpet ideas that amalgamate beauty, comfort and functionality.


Natural tones are definitely one of the strongest trends of the year. There’s something about pure earthy colours that speak to simplicity, style and luxury all at the same time. It adds a calm, welcoming mood to any room. Apart from neutral colours, more natural and eco-friendly materials such as pure wool and jute are also preferred, with sustainability becoming an increasingly popular theme globally. Some suppliers are even finding ways to blend sustainability and luxury, so look out for these!


Individuality is another strong theme this year, and as floors are becoming more of an art space, carpet designs and choices are becoming more expressive. Minimalism may have its audience, but some experts are now daring to propose the opposite by including big, bold patterns or even florals that are expressive of personality in carpets and rugs. Bright colours, geometrics, and artistic strokes are making an appearance in the global flooring stage, and certainly in Sydney as well.


In a non-carpeted space, with vinyl flooring, area rugs are a brilliant way of adding a soft look and feel and brightening the room with a splash of colour. These are on-trend this year, so don’t be afraid to try it out if you’ve got a bare floor.

Carpet tiles are also gaining popularity as a DIY culture permeates, and more people are opting for quick, no-stress no-fuss decor solutions. These are great for the home or the office and don’t necessarily have to be boring monotone shades. You can mix and match colours for a more eye-catching display. Modern carpet tiles may even be available in waterproof materials. Check if your carpet supplier has these innovative options.

No matter what kind of space you’re looking to carpet, these trends make for sensational decorating and leave the choices wide open for your imagination to run free. If you’re looking for a carpet supplier in Sydney that can offer you a wide selection of contemporary carpets in assorted materials and colours, visit Paradise Floor Coverings in Kingsgrove, NSW.

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