Trendy Carpets To Consider For 2023

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Trendy Carpets To Consider For 2023

Looking to spruce up a room in your home with a brand new carpet, or perhaps all rooms with their first carpets? It can be quite challenging to pick out a carpet from all the different options, let alone find someone in Sydney who is reliable and professional to do the carpet installations.

As an industry leader with countless years of experience, we decided to help you make a decision by providing you with a little inspiration. Check out a few of the trendy carpets coming out of 2022, which we are expecting to make an impact in 2023.

Earthy Tones

Nature is trending! Many people love the feeling they get from being surrounded by nature’s elements. Carpets are a great way to bring in some of the earth into your living room ‒ metaphorically, of course. Using those warm touches of an earthy colour can really do the trick.

Have a look at Bayside Twist as a beautiful, natural carpet for an example of how to bring the beach into your living room.


Elegance is timeless, and timeless is always trendy. Transform your home with a touch of sophistication with a clean plush 100% wool modern carpet. It can either be used to make a statement in the dining room or lounge, or for that personal sense of accomplishment when you wake up in your bedroom every morning.

Looking for elegance? The Victoria Carpet-Wool Elegance perfectly meets that label of bedroom refinement.

Uncommon Patterns

We have nothing against the more commonly used patterns such as straight lines, squares and circles, but recently the uncommon patterns have been rising in popularity. Think of the unconventional shapes like hexagons, diamonds, etc. For example, the Artisan criss-cross carpet supremely fits the unique and unconventional bill.

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