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Armstrong Chesterfield 2.0 Luxury Vinyl Plank

Chesterfield™ 2.0 is designed to compliment any space of your home, featuring a range of modern and classic timber designs. Crafted with the latest durable technology in Luxury Vinyl flooring, Chesterfield™ 2.0 offers great cleanability, low maintenance, and high durability. Enjoy floors that will stand up to scratches, dents, and steady foot traffic over time.

Chesterfield™ 2.0 Luxury Vinyl Plank colourways replicate Kingswood™ 1.2 Hybrid, allowing for a direct stick installation where a floating installation may be unsuitable.

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Product Description


  • Available Size: 1219.0mm x 184.0mm
  • Gauge(Thickness): 2.0mm